Frequently Asked Questions

For Customers

  1. Order an item and get the transaction code.
  2. Go to any M Lhuillier branch to pay for your purchase. Please bring and present your transaction code to process your payment.
  3. Wait for your order to be delivered depending on the terms and conditions stated on the merchants business website or online store.
It is a code that consists of letters and numbers which you get after you purchase an item online using ML ePay. You need to present this when you pay at an M Lhuillier branch to complete the transaction.
No. ML ePay will immediately email the merchant once your payment is received by an M Lhuillier branch.
ML ePay is only an avenue for you to pay for online purchases. So if your order does not arrive you will need to contact the merchant directly to inform him regarding your order. If a solution is not reached or you are unsatisfied with the service of the merchant you may submit a complaint form to ML ePay and we will review the merchant’s account.
ML ePay has a very strict application process which is subject to approval from ML ePay. This gives us time to investigate the legitimacy of the merchant and their store. Once they have passed all our requirements we approve their application and they can start using ML ePay. This lessens the chance of illegitimate businesses availing of our services. However if you do experience questionable activity from one of our merchants please do not hesitate to fill out a complaint form and submit it to us.
That depends on the merchant. You may read the terms and conditions on their website to find out before you purchase their products.
ML ePay does not process refund requests. You will have to contact the merchant directly and reach a mutual agreement. However we suggest you read the merchants terms and conditions found on their website before you purchase anything from them.
NO! That is the beauty of ML ePay. You can pay for your purchases at ANY M Lhuillier branch just make sure you present your transaction code.
Here are the ff. ML ePay Merchants:
  1. Accountech Learning Center
  2. BabyMama Inc.
  3. Betur Inc./
  4. Bigfish Manila Inc. (FormerlyFastnet Communications Inc.)
  5. Biocare Multipurpose Cooperative
  6. GV Hotel Inc.
  7. HelloPay (Lazada)
  8. Kaka Travel and Tours
  9. Mandaue Foam Industries
  10. OutPax Connect
  11. Progenature Go Health Marketing Corporation
  12. Quirks Marketing Phils.
  13. Rico’s Lechon
  14. Royal Beaver Mart
  15. Save N’ Earn Sales, Inc.
  16. Sole Provider Training Corporation
  17. SVR Infinity Trading
  18. UnifiedWeb Inc.
  19. Vulkan Enterprise Inc.

For Merchants

  1. Sell an item on your website and the buyer pays through ML ePay
  2. Customer information will be sent to your ML ePay account. This will be updated informing you what the customer has ordered and the status of the order.
  3. You will receive an email once your customer has paid and you may immediately claim your money through any M Lhuillier branchs
  4. Ship the product to your buyer
  5. Your customer can contact you directly if they have any concerns or problems with their orders.
This means that ML ePay has reviewed and verified the information you have submitted. Since we have confirmed all your information to be legitimate we now give you access to use ML ePay.
You will be approved if you have submitted all the information we have required of you and it proves to be legitimate. If you have any concerns you may fill out a complaint form and send it to us.
Applications that go through an approval process helps increase trust. We want our buyers to feel confident knowing that our merchants are legitimate and trustworthy.
Yes, without our approval you will not be able to use ML ePay.
No! The approval process is absolutely free.
An email from ML ePay will address you by your first and last names or your business name. It will NOT ask for sensitive information like your password, bank account or credit card details.
Once your customer has paid, we will send you an email. You can request a bank transfer to your bank account using the system's withdraw feature. This bank transfer will take 2-4 business days, depending on your bank's policies and holiday schedule.
No. You may have the codes absolutely free. They are available under API. If you require a developer to integrate the codes into your current website then you will probably have to pay him depending on what you both have agreed upon.
No. ML ePay does not process refund requests. If your customer is not satisfied with your product and wants a refund, they will need to contact you directly and reach a mutual agreement. It is helpful if you state your refund policy under terms and conditions on your business website or online store.
That depends on what is stated on the terms and conditions regarding refunds on your business website or online store.
Yes. There is a minimum amount of PHP 1,000.00 but no maximum amount. You can only withdraw one at a time. You need to wait for your bank transfer request to be completed before requesting again.