Start accepting payments using ML ePay.

Use any M Lhuillier branch to receive payments from your customers, and expand your market reach with ML ePay! With the 1,700 M Lhuillier branches throughout the Philippines and others located around the world, customers without a credit card are no longer out of your reach!

  1. PHP 1,900.00
    PHP 5,200.00
    PHP 7,120.00
    PHP 11,900.00
    PHP 12,850.00
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Integrate ML ePay into your own ecommerce website.

We have made it really easy for you to add ML ePay to your existing business website or online store. You can do this by visiting our API Documentation for the specific code that is essential for you to be able to add ML ePay to your website.

Receive cash payments through any of our 1500+ ML Branches Nationwide.

Once you have added ML ePay to your existing business website or online store, it will be easy for customers to order online and pay through any M Lhuillier branch. Once they have paid, you will receive an email stating the amount that was paid.

Reach the 97% of Filipinos who don’t have a credit card through ML ePay.

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